Welcome To Kaytoo

We are open for indoor dining and takeout!

first things first. we’ve been around for a while.. over ten years, but who’s counting?
we started out looking to bring the Canadian experience to our guests..
never thought we would discover what it is to be Canadian.. Canadian at it’s best.

it’s been the roadtrip of a lifetime! here is a little ode from us to you.. a snapshot of us.. a snapshot of being Canadian..

you’re one of us, now.

snowball fights and racing on skates. woke up too early. stayed up too late.
called in sick. called in arrested. took days off. boss never connected.
caught fire twice. people need to learn. cardboard in the fireplace? not a good burn.
we broke our feet. we broke some glass. all the while, staying first class.
scoop and hammer. staff in the pond. hosted the Leafs, above and beyond!
riding boards. facebook likes. splitting lanes on motorbikes.
drinks after work, we aim to stay gracious. blink of the eyes and we wake up in vegas.
a bacon straightener. a bag of steam. we sent them for ice mix, and became a great team.
two people meet. become a duet. next thing you know, vows, babies and pets.
patio lanterns. burgers and beer. tell all your friends. wish you were here.

for all of these things, define who we are. top ten in Canada, we set a new bar!
so take a load off. grab a chair. you’re about to experience some Canadian flair.
and to that reviewer, hiding behind a computer. friendly people we are, nothing could be truer.
we aim to serve. we reach for the sky. don’t judge our tattoos, we’re just not black tie!
if we mess up, we’ll fix it, just ask. you’ll have a great time and yes, you’ll be back.

This is like no restaurant before it.

This is kaytoo.