Day Life... Night Life...

THE KAYTOO 7 x 7 x 7!

$7 Food! $7 PBR! 7 days a week! Available in the bar from open to 4pm! Drop by and you just may WIN a PBR Snowboard!


Pop by every Friday and Saturday between 9pm and 10pm for $7 Mixed Drinks, Cocktails, Bottled Beer and Draught! You will not find a better way to set up your night!


Join us After Dark for our Famous Service Industry Monday Nights! $5.50 Drinks from 10pm to 2am!


Every Tuesday is Perogie Tuesday! All You Can Eat Perogies for $7 (Get your name on our leaderboard!) Our perogies aren't the resort favourite for nothing! Come by and find out why!

LIttle bit thirsty? Grab a $7 PBR to go with those Perogies!


$7 Burgers! What are you waiting for?!? Available from open to 4pm.

TBT THURSDAYS with 93.1 Fresh Radio

Kaytoo goes Live to Air with DJ Dave Blezard, featuring $4 Vodka Red Bull


Start your weekend off with our $7 Power Hour!

Then... After Dark...

facebook Fridays! Every Friday we are featuring $100 Polar Ice Vodka Bottle Service (26oz)!! Book early as there are limited spots available or "like" our facebook page for a chance to Win a complimentary Bottle Service Experience from Polar Ice Vodka!


Start your weekend off with the Kaytoo 7 x 7 x 7!

Then.. After Dark...

The Kaytoo Power Hour from 9pm to 10pm! Get on the Guestlist to avoid the line!


$7 Caesar Sunday Funday! Shake off the weekend blur with a custom Caesar 11am to 5pm! It's Sunday Funday! Every Sunday!

Bachelor Parties & Stagettes! Bachelor Parties & Stagettes! Bachelor Parties & Stagettes!

Have we got something special for you! VIP line bypass, Exclusive Mezzanine seating and Premium Bottle Service!! All for you and your party, only from Kaytoo! Send your group information and date request to!